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Piano Student Resources
Supplies, Links & Materials for Piano Students

Buying a piano?

This website is a great resource!



Our Piano Flyer:

For advice on buying a piano and more! Southeastern Piano Movers are also listed.

Piano Flyer


Supplementary Studio Materials for Downloading:

Sheet Drills (Treble Clef Lines and Spaces, solfege in 60 seconds or less):

Line Note Drill.pdf

Space Note Drill.pdf

Interval Writing Drills (write the appropriate interval next to each note):

Interval Writing Drills.pdf


Order Music at Hutchins & Rea Music Store:

Hutchins & Rea

Call 770-455-3130 to order your music!

Talk to Bill or Roxanne to place your orders. Your books will arrive in 1 or 2 days! They stock the books we use and it's easy to order from them as they are in a new location near the top end perimeter. Read about the Rea's in our piano flyer!


Great Article for Parents by Malcolm Gladwell!

...Excerpt from our Soundings Newsletter about parent involvement.


Recordings, Scores & Composer Information:

Piano Society.com


Virtual Sheet Music Website for Music Downloads:

Access over 5,500 single sheet music compositions ready to download and print instantly. Download over 5,500 classical sheet music titles for only $37.75 Virtual Sheet Music.com.


Suggested Metronome and Piano Bench:

Suggested Metronome for intermediate and advanced students: Seiko SQ50 We like the beveled knob better than digital ones and the tone is agreeable.

Adjustable piano benches: Go to Perfectly Grand.com. There is a bench, code #10220 which is only $139.95. It is adjustable in height and opens to store music inside.


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